Tuesday, April 07, 2009

KroaKING Season 4 - Week 1

Week one at KroaKING 4: Very nice!
Week two at KroaKING 4: Very nice!
Week three at KroaKING 4: Very nice!

Now we can move to what I really want to talk about. Which is… err…

Oh shut it men. Can’t string 2 sentences together! We’re supposed to write ABOUT KroaKING for the past three weeks. Not say very nice, very nice like it’s your 5 year old’s drawing.

Fine then! You write something instead of shouting at me. Lets see how well developed your linguistic skills are.

Hah! I am known in my circles, as a very cunning linguist! Soooooooooooooo…. Week one: Rather a dull weekend but forgivable since it was the first. Bunch of good singers. One of my favourites, Puttu, didn’t get through and im quite sad about that.

Of course he wouldn’t! He sang like a twat! Tell him to choose a proper song next time.

Moving on, the 3 who got through were… ummm… hang on… I have the list somewhere. Priyanka! Where’s the bleddy list? Ah here it is… Shilpa, who sang wonderfully beautifully…

You just want to get into... rooowwwrrrrrr!

No I do not! She sang really well! Though I must say, singing those slow, soft, dirge like numbers is nice, but boring in the long run. No hard feelings.

Huh. No hard feelings he says. Except for the feeling in his pants, im sure!

Oh shush. The next guy in was called Akshay Hari. Who played Samson to his pretty Delilah. And played a fine role.
And third and last name on that night was none other than an old face at Opus. Mr. Abhijeet Sudhakar. We understand that tolls of a career take some people out of the circuit for a while.

Though Carlton manages to stay put right where he is… Oh waitaminit. You said career. Right. Sorry.

Yes, thank you very much. As I was saying, It was nice to have him back after 2 years and Abhijeet got off on Freddie (Nice choice of words eh?) and got through to the semis of KroaKING 4.
Each of these lucky folks got a gift voucher from Flying Machine for a grand each. Can you still buy ANYTHING for a grand these days?

You cant. You don’t even have a grand. Never had and never will… Loser!

Oh shut it Vivek. Im going to kick your ass now.

Oooooh im terrified. Don’t mind him folks. See you guys next week. And oh I have to write about the other 2 Wednesdays as well.

Yeah he’s a lazy sonofabitch.

Dude. Really. Adios folks. Next para, it’s all me!

and Vivek

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I’m sure you’ve heard the joke that goes ‘When God said Go forth and multiply!; someone came fifth and won a toaster…’

Well we’re going Fourth and we’re multiplying and Morphy Richards isn’t any richer for it.

KroaKING Season 4 starts this Wednesday.

Begun 3 years ago, Opus’ annual Karaoke contest has resonated louder and louder with each passing year and has witnessed the discovery and growth of some phenomenal talent. From a humble start at the restaurant in the first year to a booming event at the Palace Ground for 1500 people last year, KroaKING is serious business for some and a whole lot of fun for others.

For an in depth history and pictures, videos and winners and prizes of KroaKING Seasons 1, 2 and 3, access www.kroaknights.blogspot.com. I would love to tell you all about it here but I’m reserving the space for much more important news.

As I said, we’re multiplying… This year, we’re KroaKING out of Bangalore as well! So Bangaloreans, you Frogs in the Well, beware. More competition from people outside of your adda. But on the other hand, more opportunity to meet people like you from other cities. Who knows what might come of such a melting pot of talent.

And for everyone who’s out of Bangalore, watch this space for more cause that’s how you’re going to find out when we’re there, to select the one or two of the best from your city and bring them down to the finals in Bangalore.

This is big. And it’s only going to get bigger. See y’all Wednesday and tune those voices. No more Bacardi bottles to give out. Just a ticket to the Semis of KroaKING 4. And maybe the dubious honour of being the Freak of the Week on www.myopusradio.com.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Announcing: Freak of the Week

10 things I learnt at Karaoke night last week

- Don’t Not Drink. It’s easier to bear the Kroaking. Hence my new found abstinence will be broken on Wednesdays to maintain my sanity.

- Banned songs like ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ and ‘Hotel California’ are like other illegal substances. The more you ban them, the more in demand they are.

- Most people do not know how to hold a mike. It is not an ice cream stick, not a toy and most of all, not a penis. Although it has certain resemblances like a sensitive head; stop holding it there.

- My ding a ling is long (chuckle)

- People who want to sing ‘Rockstar’ rarely are.

- December-December (Or May-May, I’m not sure which is which) love affairs are best left off stage and off the mike. I mean, they’re like your parents.

- Air guitaring can be hazardous to the singer on stage (Again, Neville, my apologies.)

- Air guitaring is best left to songs with a prominent guitar part.

- Air guitaring is best left to people who are not on speed. And finally…

- Bottles of Bacardi are to be handled carefully. They break just like normal bottles.(I plead guilty)

Quite an interesting day eh? You should’ve been there. Anyway, the Air guitaring chappie, Siddarth Abraham aka Puttu, is on air with me on www.myopusradio.com on Thursday the 5th. Tune in between 11 and 2. We talk about his name, his love, his school (Cottons vs Josephs plays a big role) and his Malyaliness as also serious issues like his Kickboxing and musical careers. Good fun!

And see you guys at Opus on Wednesday, where I will pick my new Freak of the Week to co host the show, next week. Ta!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

School Song Sagas

So the madness is back. And I mean that quite literally, since ‘madness’ is now a nickname for me, unimaginatively derived from my surname by… well, unimaginative people.

To quote the wise old owl from yesteryear, “Wednesdays are not going to be the same again”. And last Wednesday certainly wasn’t anything I’d seen in a while. There was a batch of Alumni from the batch of 1992, Lovedale; a batch of 2002 Cottonians and some random others from various institutions… And they all vied for School Song dominance.

The Love-days hadn’t seen each other for about 15 years and judging by the kind of madness at their table, they might not want to for another 15.

And being a Josephite, the less said about Cottonians the better else the blogsite might be blocked or dismissed or something…whatever they do to blogs that have been bad for badness’ sake.

But what this piece is supposed to do is announce a new scheme. You all know we’ve started our online radio station. If you didn’t know, then you’re a twat. If you do know and you don’t listen, then you’re an (beep) twat. They beep out expletives on the radio as well, so put it down to habit.

So anyway, every Wednesday, the whackiest, most-likely-to-be-diagnosed-with-MPD-soon person will get to host a show with Vivek vs Vivek.

If you’re thinking its not a big deal, then listen in tomorrow.

Last week, Rajiv Sasha, aka ‘The Sash’ was mad enough and he had a blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast. So did I, if truth be told. And he now has an open invitation to host a show on myopusradio.com anytime he wants. So talk about being a platform for talent, we promote madness and schizophrenia as well. Oh and music.

Rajiv, thanks buddy (Spastic picture, by the way & you've lost a looot of weight since some of those others).

And whoever’s next, bring it onnnnnnnnnn!

See you guys tonight. Raghava KK, celebrated artist and cartoonist and an old friend is leaving for greener and meaner pastures; on second thought, darker and meaner pastures -he’s off to the States with wife and baby son in tow and we all know who’s President now - and so he’s throwing a farewell bash. There will probably be a whole lot of people there just to make sure he’s really leaving. Just kidding Raghava! ;-) Ciao!



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