Wednesday, January 21, 2009

School Song Sagas

So the madness is back. And I mean that quite literally, since ‘madness’ is now a nickname for me, unimaginatively derived from my surname by… well, unimaginative people.

To quote the wise old owl from yesteryear, “Wednesdays are not going to be the same again”. And last Wednesday certainly wasn’t anything I’d seen in a while. There was a batch of Alumni from the batch of 1992, Lovedale; a batch of 2002 Cottonians and some random others from various institutions… And they all vied for School Song dominance.

The Love-days hadn’t seen each other for about 15 years and judging by the kind of madness at their table, they might not want to for another 15.

And being a Josephite, the less said about Cottonians the better else the blogsite might be blocked or dismissed or something…whatever they do to blogs that have been bad for badness’ sake.

But what this piece is supposed to do is announce a new scheme. You all know we’ve started our online radio station. If you didn’t know, then you’re a twat. If you do know and you don’t listen, then you’re an (beep) twat. They beep out expletives on the radio as well, so put it down to habit.

So anyway, every Wednesday, the whackiest, most-likely-to-be-diagnosed-with-MPD-soon person will get to host a show with Vivek vs Vivek.

If you’re thinking its not a big deal, then listen in tomorrow.

Last week, Rajiv Sasha, aka ‘The Sash’ was mad enough and he had a blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast. So did I, if truth be told. And he now has an open invitation to host a show on anytime he wants. So talk about being a platform for talent, we promote madness and schizophrenia as well. Oh and music.

Rajiv, thanks buddy (Spastic picture, by the way & you've lost a looot of weight since some of those others).

And whoever’s next, bring it onnnnnnnnnn!

See you guys tonight. Raghava KK, celebrated artist and cartoonist and an old friend is leaving for greener and meaner pastures; on second thought, darker and meaner pastures -he’s off to the States with wife and baby son in tow and we all know who’s President now - and so he’s throwing a farewell bash. There will probably be a whole lot of people there just to make sure he’s really leaving. Just kidding Raghava! ;-) Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

dude... I am sure you could have found a better picture... Thanks for my 15 minutes of fame on myopusradio...If you want me to call in from London on the next show. let me know...its bloody snowing here!!! cheers, Sasha



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