Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Announcing: Freak of the Week

10 things I learnt at Karaoke night last week

- Don’t Not Drink. It’s easier to bear the Kroaking. Hence my new found abstinence will be broken on Wednesdays to maintain my sanity.

- Banned songs like ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ and ‘Hotel California’ are like other illegal substances. The more you ban them, the more in demand they are.

- Most people do not know how to hold a mike. It is not an ice cream stick, not a toy and most of all, not a penis. Although it has certain resemblances like a sensitive head; stop holding it there.

- My ding a ling is long (chuckle)

- People who want to sing ‘Rockstar’ rarely are.

- December-December (Or May-May, I’m not sure which is which) love affairs are best left off stage and off the mike. I mean, they’re like your parents.

- Air guitaring can be hazardous to the singer on stage (Again, Neville, my apologies.)

- Air guitaring is best left to songs with a prominent guitar part.

- Air guitaring is best left to people who are not on speed. And finally…

- Bottles of Bacardi are to be handled carefully. They break just like normal bottles.(I plead guilty)

Quite an interesting day eh? You should’ve been there. Anyway, the Air guitaring chappie, Siddarth Abraham aka Puttu, is on air with me on www.myopusradio.com on Thursday the 5th. Tune in between 11 and 2. We talk about his name, his love, his school (Cottons vs Josephs plays a big role) and his Malyaliness as also serious issues like his Kickboxing and musical careers. Good fun!

And see you guys at Opus on Wednesday, where I will pick my new Freak of the Week to co host the show, next week. Ta!


lost said...

May b at times you dont want 2 be [mentally] nude before your own self

lost said...

Sorry, posted a comment by mistake. was reading 2 blogs at a time. that was a reply 2 some intense stuff written by a frnd. certainly not abt karaoke nights. convinces me dat i aint cut for any bit of multi tasking



KroaKing season 2 every wednesday