Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I’m sure you’ve heard the joke that goes ‘When God said Go forth and multiply!; someone came fifth and won a toaster…’

Well we’re going Fourth and we’re multiplying and Morphy Richards isn’t any richer for it.

KroaKING Season 4 starts this Wednesday.

Begun 3 years ago, Opus’ annual Karaoke contest has resonated louder and louder with each passing year and has witnessed the discovery and growth of some phenomenal talent. From a humble start at the restaurant in the first year to a booming event at the Palace Ground for 1500 people last year, KroaKING is serious business for some and a whole lot of fun for others.

For an in depth history and pictures, videos and winners and prizes of KroaKING Seasons 1, 2 and 3, access www.kroaknights.blogspot.com. I would love to tell you all about it here but I’m reserving the space for much more important news.

As I said, we’re multiplying… This year, we’re KroaKING out of Bangalore as well! So Bangaloreans, you Frogs in the Well, beware. More competition from people outside of your adda. But on the other hand, more opportunity to meet people like you from other cities. Who knows what might come of such a melting pot of talent.

And for everyone who’s out of Bangalore, watch this space for more cause that’s how you’re going to find out when we’re there, to select the one or two of the best from your city and bring them down to the finals in Bangalore.

This is big. And it’s only going to get bigger. See y’all Wednesday and tune those voices. No more Bacardi bottles to give out. Just a ticket to the Semis of KroaKING 4. And maybe the dubious honour of being the Freak of the Week on www.myopusradio.com.

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